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POP- QUIZ! How well does your human treat you?

POP- QUIZ! How well does your human treat you?

1. Does your human do these things for you? How often?

a) Your human cleans your litter box everyday- 5 points

b) Prepared a cozy place near themselves for you to sleep all day long. Your cozy zone has your cat bed; either box made out of cardboard or a fluffy one. – 5 points

c) Your human has managed to make you a water feeder and changes the water quite often, so you can always drink fresh water. – 5 points

d) Your human searched for a quiet and clean space to put your feeder, so nothing disturbs you while you eat. – 5 points

e) Your human keeps in mind your cat needs, so he or she has placed: Scrapers (so you don’t sharpen your nails on the furniture); High areas (For you to climb on, sleep and watch everything from above); a box with toys that you can bite and move from one place to another. -5 points

2. How often does your human cleans your litter box?

a) Not often, only when there is no room for your feces or its smelly- 0 points

b) Once a week – 2 points

c) Two to three times a week – 3 points

d) Every day! – 5 points

3. How often does your human take you to the vet?

a) They think you’re just an animal and that nature will do the rest. – 0 points

b) Only when you’re very sick, but he’s never given you any vaccine. – 2 points

c) If you are a healthy and adult cat: once a year, to give you your rabies vaccines, leukemia and trivalent reinforcement. Plus, they always take you if you had suffered an accident or if you are sick. – 5 Points

4. What parts of your body caress you most often?

a) Doesn’t usually do it but if they do, they always caress your gut, legs and tail. – 0 points

b) They don’t care, your human caresses you everywhere without asking themselves whether you like it or not. – 2 Points

c) Your human usually caresses you gently on the front and upper area of your body: head, chin, neck, and spine. – 5 points

5. At what time of the day does your human caress you?

a) Your human caresses you while: eating, drinking, bathing yourself, sleeping, or while doing your needs. It’s so annoying! – 0 points

b) Even though they really want to caress you, your human gives you your space; they always wait, patiently, for you to decide when you want to be caressed. – 5 points

c) If your human wants to caress you at a certain time in which you don’t want to be caressed, he or she will always find a way to convince you. They will offer you a tasty treat for you to come closer and they could caress you gently. -5 points

6. Does your human understand your body language when he or she is stroking you?

a) Your human still caresses you even if you fold your ears, move your tail quickly from side to side, or try to get away. – 0 points

b) Your human caresses you while you are purring and relaxed, or when you bow down and try to cuddle with them. – 5 points

7. How and how often does your human play with you?

a) Your human never plays with you. – 0 points

b) They play with you using their hands and feet. – 2 points

c) Your human plays with you with special toys for cats: your human speaks to you while you guys play; he or she also leaves bags and boxes for you to play with when he or she is not around. Your human has conditioned a safe place by the window, so you can watch other animals on the street; like for example: birds, other cats, and dogs. – 5 points


Scored 0 points in most questions: Do you think your human loves you enough? If you have a chance, look for another family that can give you the attention you deserve!

Scored between 2 or 3 points in most questions: Keep teaching your human you cat- needs. You’re on the right track, but you still have work to do!

Scored 5 points in most questions: Congratulations! You and your human have the ideal relationship. Your human understands you and is constantly looking out for your well-being. Keep it up!


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