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Petpresso, we love cats!

Petpresso, we love cats!

Hello catlovers! We have been thinking over and over how to tell our story, the story of how Petpresso begun and why, trying to make a good story according to our marketing department, you guys know how that works!

Then we realized the best story if the real thing, what really happened and why, so we will just tell you how Petpresso first started and why!

First of all you have to meet Javier, the inventor, the idea guy! He’s a catlover no doubt, so when he found two little kittens in the street, he couldn’t do anything but take them home! And that’s how Puki and Nala became the real stars in this story, because soon Javier found out he didn’t have all the time he needed to take good care of the little Puki and Nala, and Puki even started gaining a lot of weight.

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Puki and Nala

Javier thought there had to be something, some gadget, device or app that would help him taking care of the kittens, but he couldn’t find what he was looking for… Wait a minute, there are automatic cat feeders and other fun devices for cats designed for that time you are not home… But, were they exactly what he needed to control and monitor their health and wellness? The answer was no! So he thought, Ok, I have to do it myself!

He first thought of several prototypes and ideas he shared with friends and family, but it was in 2017 when he finally came up with the perfect idea: Petpresso, the real first smart cat care device conceived and designed to help you put your cat on a diet, detect possible heath problems, get alerts and notifications in real time, program a feeding schedule according to your cat’s needs, send reports to your vet, and much more.

He gathered a team of engineers and programmers to create the first prototype of Petpresso and developed the first working App. Then he found catlovers and specialized cat veterinarians to be the firsts beta testers. the tests and feed back were awesome and we learned so much from them!

And that brings us here and now, just about to lunch our first Kickstarter in a month and make Petpresso a real thing with your support!

So please, join our community and subscribe to our Meowsletter to show us your support and be the first to know about Petpresso!

Because when it comes to our furry friends, we care!


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