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Petpresso Features

Petpresso is the First Smart Care Device especially made for Cats: the perfect solution to control and monitor your cat feeding needs and maintain a good health! 

Regulate food and water intake

Control and monitor how much is your cat eating and drinking in real time. Get daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Create a regular feeding schedule

Schedule the amount and number of meals your cat eats per day. Select the best way to feed your cat

Get instant Alerts and Notifications

Get notify if your cat is not eating or drinking an accurate amount, customize other alerts and notifications

Manage and control everything from our APP

Use setting to customize the app according to your cat and schedule: make you he is always in the best mood!


→ Control and monitor how much your cat eats and drinks per day/week/month

→ Set how frequently to feed  your cat and regulate food intake per day

→ Set feeding time

→ See at a glance if all the food is consumed

→ Get instant alerts and notifications if your cat is not eating or drinking

→ Schedule the number of meals your cat eats per day

→ Programe the amount per dose or day

→Add manually in the app the amount of other food you give your cat to keep track of how much he/she really eats (wet food, treats, etc)

→ Automatically send an alarm to your favourite vet when your cat is not eating or drinking

→  Get weekly and monthly reports with your cat’s eating and drinking evolution and share it with your favourite vet

→  Get notifications if you are running out of food

→  Get an alert if the unit is out of power

Measuring and managing what your cat eats and drinks, provides the security and predictability of a routine, and helps you rest assured your cat is healthy and happy.

Petpresso allows you to put your cat on a diet and detect possible health problems in time!


Petpresso has been working with some of the most recognized cat specialists to make sure we develop a device that can really be a helpful tool for your cat’s health and wellness.

We care for cats!

Why Petpresso

Our cats require a very meticulous diet to maintain their good health and mood:  most cats are either free-fed or fed only once or twice a day, and convenience to the owner is the driving factor. But, is that the best for our cats health and wellness?

According to the National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats, “feral cats eat about 8 to 12 meals in any given 24 hour period. Their behavior is geared towards small, frequent meals and they spend a great deal of their time actively hunting”.

But, how much should a cat eat per day at home?

You must look at different factors like breed, age, preference, and other specific needs of your cat. Age and health are two of the most important factors, and feeding kitten the correct food during their development stage ensures that they reach adulthood with little to no issues. We strongly recommend you to ask your vet.

The most common method of feeding for our cats is the provision of two or three meals per day in a feeding bowl, but can we really control and monitor what they eat? What if we have to be away for a day or two?

Petpresso uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to provide the purrfect solution to feed your cat from your mobile device and make sure they are eating and drinking the right amount per day, seek and month.

petpresso cat care feeder
petpresso smart cat feeder care health
  • "Me quede un fin de semana sola. Me puse a jugar con la toalla del baño y por accidente la puerta se cerró... Pet-presso aviso a mi dueña y, por suerte, la vecina pudo venir a ayudarme."

    Gata de Maróa
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    Gato de Ana
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    Gata de Jhovanna
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