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A breed of kittens called Ragdoll

A breed of kittens called Ragdoll

Fluffy, quiet, friendly, gentle… does it ring a bell? Yes? Well, those are the characteristics of the Californian cats called Ragdoll. But let’s take a closer look at the special care, food, and habits of this beautiful American cat breed.

Why “Rag Doll”?

Probably you already knew this breed of cats, and you may have already wondered why it was given such peculiar name. And it’s no coincidence the choice! The breed Ragdoll owes its name to the animal’s muscle relaxation when he or she is caught in the arms of a human just like an actual ragdoll. This breed enjoys being petted and loves making company to their owners.

Its’ friendly character

That tranquility in which the cat lives in, whether he or she is in your arms or walking around the house, is a unique trait of this breed; docile and affectionate. That is why that by nature, this breed is the perfect for companionship for the elders or to be part of families with kids since they are the ideal playmates for the little ones of the house.

The Ragdolls enjoy so much the companionship of their owners that they will even get in the shower with them, they will literally follow them anywhere! They’re so sociable and friendly with humans, that they are also known as “The Cat Dog“. You can even see them running towards you to greet you and welcome you home. One last characteristic of this breed is that curiously these cats don’t usually meow, instead they prefer to purr.

Physical characteristics

These American cats are characterized by their dense, soft, and medium-length fur, which is usually white, grey, or brown. It has longer hair in the neck until it reaches the face. Their tail is long and fluffy, becoming thinner and lighter as it moves towards the tip.

Their eyes, have different shades of blue, they stand out in their pretty face, for their innocent and pure look that makes them, if possible, even more charming and irresistible.

Another physical trait that stands out is that they are medium- to big sized cats, which gives them a strong and powerful aspect on the outside, even though they are tender and innocent in the inside.

Care and Feeding

Will such cute and special cat need a special and meticulous care? Of course! What did you think? They are cute and adorable, but they are still cats, so they are the queen/king of the house. (Never forget it!) And what kind of care is that?

To start, you don’t have to brush its’ beautiful and fluffy fur very often, even if it seems the opposite. But, make sure you do once in a while, so when they lick themselves they won’t swallow excess hair that may cause serious problems in their digestive systems. It is recommended that you use a special hairbrush for cats that helps you get rid of the dead hair without hurting their skin. Plus, brushing their coat, is bonding time as well!

We recommend that if you want your Ragdoll to have a super soft and fluffy coat, you should wash it at least once a month. Get him/ her used to taking baths since an early stage, so it becomes a more pleasant activity. You can start with lukewarm water and no soap, and as the kitten grows, add a special shampoo for cats. Nobody likes to get soap in their eyes, right?! Well, they despise it too! Avoid their eyes and ears as much as possible and, finally, rinse you their entire body well before drying.

Another thing that we should have in mind is that Ragdolls have fast growth periods. To help them grow in a healthy way, make sure to always have their feeders full, and let them self-manage the food, until they reach their full size/maturity, that is more or less around when they are four years old. Once the cat reaches tis stage, it is recommended to start to feed your cat in portions to avoid obesity and other related diseases.

Usually Ragdolls are a breed of very healthy kittens, although it is advised to do regular checkups and keep an eye on possible bladder stones and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM is a very usual disease of this breed but it can be easily controlled and monitored by your vet.

One extra fun-fact

Ragdoll cats are originally from California, USA. They are the result of a crossing between an Turkish Angora cat and a Birman cat. The Ragdoll breed was created around the 60’s by Ann Baker, who wanted to create a fluffy and loving cat, and obviously she nailed it! As we said, Ragdolls are considered larger than other breeds since, they usually weight between 13 to 18 pounds. It is also important to note that, Ragdolls have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years approximately.

Adopt don’t shop

Now that you know a little bit more about these adorable breed, are you ready to adopt one?

Tell us how is your cat, even though they are from another breed (or none. Everyone is welcome!) We want to meet them!


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