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Are you in love with your cat? Find the best way to say I love you on St Valentine!

Are you in love with your cat? Find the best way to say I love you on St Valentine!

We know you are a big meower and you’re crazy about your fluffy kitty. You would do just about anything to make him happy and St Valentine’s the perfect day to show your love and friendship. So how about picking up a great present for your cat that makes him happy and makes you smile?

Here you have some great ideas cats love and are purrrfect for their health and wellness!

Dental care snacks

You know how important it is to have healthy teeth, well, our kitties also need to take good care of their mouth and teeth! So chose a good snack that your cat will love, and that would also be good for his dental care!

Cat scratcher pad

What would cat do without claws? Well the best way to make sure they have a good place to scratch their claws in to get him a pad o mat, even a doormat, so anyone who comes home will know who’s the boss!

Cat beds

Isn’t sweet and relaxing to watch your cat while he’s asleep? It’s a peaceful feeling, and you know cats find the best places and funniest positions! Maybe your kitty would love having his own bed, although we all know you are his favorite spot!


If you want to keep your kitty active and awake, maybe catnip is for you both! It stimulates your cat to explore, play and discover new experiences!

Smart toys

Your cat loves playing and exploring and discovering new things, so why not helping him find new challenges he enjoys? Keep your kitty mind active with some smart toys especially designed for cats.


You love your cat and want to give him or her the best of cares! Petpresso helps you taking good care of your cat, even if you are not home! Petpresso is great to monitor and track your cat’s health and wellness all from the device and App. Find out more at http://www.pet-presso.com/en/petpresso-features/

And remember; show your love for your cat everyday, San Valentines is just the purrfect excuse to get something especial for our furry friends!


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