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Petpresso is the First Intelligent Care Device for Cats: the perfect solution to control and monitor your cat feeding needs and maintain a good health!


Control food and water consumption: 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


Program food doses for your cat.


Watch the health of your cat and receive personalized alarms and notifications.


No need to be at home! Control your cat feeding from our App.


How can Petpresso help me take care of my cat’s health and wellness?
  • Control and monitor how much your cat eats and drinks per day/week/month
  • Set how frequently to feed  your cat and regulate food intake per day
  • See at a glance if all the food is consumed
petpresso cat health care


Petpresso uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to provide the purrfect solution to feed your cat from your mobile device and make sure they are healthy eating and drinking.

  • Programming the diet of the cat.
  • Monitoring the consumption of food.
  • Sending alarms in case of problems.
  • Everything from your smartphone.
  • "Meowmy had to leave for the whole day leaving me home alone! I played and slept a lot, but the best was that Petpresso took care of my meals so I didn't missed any! And meowmy was more at ease! Thank you Petpresso!"

    Maróa's Cat
  • "Poncho only took half his meals for two days, and the Petpresso App alerted us, so we took him to the vet right away. Thanks to Petpresso we arrived to vet urgencies on time"

    Ana's Cat
  • "I’ve been with anxiety for weeks, eating and eating and eating. Thanks to Petpresso, I am now on my purrfect weight"

    Jhovanna's Cat

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