Meet Puki and Nala! the real heros of our story!

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Our story

Every project has a start, a dreamer passionated about his idea, and this particular one has three names: Javi, Puki and Nala.

Puki and Nala were baby kitten rescued from the street by Javi, the “maker” or inventor of Petpresso. Javi found the two poor kittens in the street and had to bring them with him to a safe home! But then he found out parenting is not that easy when you are mostly working all day long and you don’t have much time to spend with them: he realized the two moggies needed more time and attention specially when it came to their eating and drinking needs so that he was sure they both got the love and care they deserved.

So Javi started looking for different options in the internet: he found a lot of automatic cat feeders, but they were not what he needed: he wanted to make sure that Puki and Nala were healthy and happy and ate properly, specially after Puki started to gain a lot of weight.

It’s not easy to put a cat on a diet!

Come to this point we must tell you something important about Javi: not only he is a great catlover, but a great inventor as well! So he said to himself, “if there’s nothing out there that would help me with my cats, why not doing it myslef!” In fact, he had already invented a few gadgets and devices like a Japanese motorized panel through a programmable robot, a homemade tattoo machine, a robotic arm, an automatic hen egg incubator, among other stuff.

Javi shared his idea with colleagues, friends and family, many catlovers, some doglovers, but all petlovers! And finally this year he found the right time and people to team up with for the project!

And that’s how Petpresso, the first cat care smart device, begun to be more than an idea!



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